Filing a DBA in Los Angeles:

When some individual or company wants to carry their business with some other name besides their legal name, they need to file a DBA or Doing Business As petition for that purpose. DBA filing is not required when this other business is conducted with the same full legal name that the real business has, no DBA filing is required then. In different states, the process of DBA filing is almost the same with little bit difference. If you are in Los Angeles, the process of DBA filing is quite and it can be done in just three or four simple steps.

If you want to file a DBA in Los Angeles, your first step in this connection is to thoroughly search for the business name that you want to have for your business. It will eliminate the chances of getting the name with which someone else is conducting the business. You can use several ways to do that. Internet, emails, phone calls and meeting in person with the business can help you find the business that conducting their business under the same name. You need to spend some amount on these various methods, and you can choose one that is quite according to your requirements.

Visiting the main or satellite office near to you and viewing the resource box for other addresses must also be a part of your DBA name filing. In Los Angeles, their main office is at Norwalk, Calf and it remains open from 8 am to 5 pm.

Now after reaching the office, your next step is to filling out the application form and signing it. You have to submit the application form with first time fee of $23 that is given to LA County Clerk. This application remains valid for five years.

This process of filing the application is known as Fictitious Business Name filing or FBN, and this name was given to the process back in 1888, and even after so many years, the process has the same name today as it had in the past. The www is replete with sources offering help for that process, and just a few clicks can work to find you the stuff that you are looking for, but you need to find some really reliable sources for that purpose. If you do not find an authentic source for that, you may not get the authentic information you need to have.

Following these simple steps, you could easily file your DBA without getting into any mess. So you need to focus on few things rather than flipping through several sources and looking for the information of different kinds. Keep this fact in mind that lots of sources of required information can make you confuse and you to be very precise in your search for the right sources of information for DBA filing.